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AnyTime Advocate is extraordinarily loyal, perceptive, and keen for its clients. We are broadly believed for our talent in communicating strategic information to our clients and this is a reason for our success as the best law firm in Delhi & NCR. We built a standing name among Indian and international clients imparting legalized inquiries focused on the tactic of defending legal disputes. And as result, we provide our clients with powerful, excellent, and efficient presentation satisfaction for years.
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  • Know the depth of the issues from each party.
  • Measure the risk to assist the clients.
  • Ensures clients that they are heard.
  • Clients are guided for resolutions.
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Services We Offered

Medico Legal

Medico legal means the cases that need the attention of the police.

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Legal Notices

Notices approved by the court as per legal rules should be agreed upon by the particular mentioned in it or for all who come under it.

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Domestic Violence

Circumstances of Domestic Violence need a caring listening ear, so the woman going through can feel the helping hands for justice, and AnyTime Advocate is that listening ear.

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NRI Marriages

If you are an NRI and interested to get married with the right legal procedure, AnyTime Advocate will assist with faster NRI Marriage registration.

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Cheque Bounce

Cheque Bounce settle or payment of fine or withdraw of the case and few other circumstances is a hassle matter for any, AnyTime Advocate helps to clear any of the above dispute in fast track.

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Divorce and Child Custody

Divorce and Child Custody is one with two things (separation of parents and child custody), and AnyTime Advocate takes care of both points. We keep on the top for faster results.

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ReasonsWhy We are
The Best Law Firm

AnyTime Advocate takes care of pinpoints the issues more than anything else. We understand the situation and put forward the best advantageous and effective solution in as short a possible time.

Good Repulation

A reputation presents the picture of the service provided to the clients and the name of AnyTime Advocate presents a good reputation in NCR and all other cities.

Quick & Positive Result

Positive results increase the success hope and quick final hearing of judgment. AnyTime Advocate makes it true at all steps of the procedure of any area of law.

Reasonable Fees

AnyTime Advocate is the firm of faith where customers visit with confidence for fair support and without the thought of a load of fees. As we admire all whoever is on the couch as the client a person from simple background or from a big corporate company we charge very reasonable fees that match every client’s economy.

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The Area Where We Practice

Corporate Laws

For domestic and foreign clients in a variety of industries, our Corporate ...

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Cyber Law

The regulatory environment surrounding cyber law is rapidly changing and is now ...

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Criminal Laws

A criminal appeal was a process that resulted in the prosecution of a ...

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Consumer Law

We represent consumer groups in issues involving real estate, food safety, etc. ...

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Why does it take so long to get judgement in civil, criminal or family matters in Indian courts?
    The procedure differs more or less in all the matters as FIR registration reaching to the lower court, or unsatisfied then passed to the next level court or if any of party person fails to appear effects the resulting hearing is few of maximum reasons for a long time to get a judgment.
  • Can the husband get alimony?
    Yes, as per Hindu marriage Act1995 even a husband gets alimony if his wife earns more than he or he does not earn due to some major reasons.
  • Can husband get maintenance from wife?
    If the wife can afford to do so, the husband can get maintenance from her. This is possible under Section 24 as per the Hindu Marriage Act 1995.
  • Can a male file domestic violence cases?
    Yes, a male can also file a case of domestic violence against his wife under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005.
  • Is it compulsory to register your marriage in India?
    Registering a marriage is not compulsory in India, this is a service provided by the central government to all registered marriages.
  • Difference between mutual consent and contested divorce.?
    When a couple agrees on all the divorce terms before the trial is known as mutual consent, but if they disagree on any of the minor or major issues and decide to depend on the court for the final decision it is known as a contested divorce.
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